You then feel the quietest moment a human can live in his life. There is no vibration. No noise. The people on the ground stopped talking to us. Our partner is amazed. He just can say nothing. The dust is gone. We suddenly realize that we have landed in another world, on another star of the universe, and that what we are looking at, is seen for the first time by a human being, by human eyes.

Gene Cernan, Apollo 17


by our status of French harvesting producer.


for our 20 Chateaux & Domaines.


in the diversity of our 31 varietals, 3 wineries, 9 appellations (Côtes du Rhône Villages, Laudun, Côtes du Rhône, Costières de Nîmes, Languedoc, Single varietals of Languedoc).


Vineyard located in the south of the Rhone Valley

we certify that our wines have been produced in our own vineyards with the greatest care and according to a sustainable vineculture. We follow the quality requirements - traceability, HACCP - which made the good reputation of our society funded in 1994. We regularly invest to insure the quality and personnality of the wines. Our wineries are equipped with efficient technical tools for wine vinification and conservation.

Wines for taste

a taste that reveals the terroirs, the grape varieties and the people. A style of fresh wines, with beautiful expressions. Wines that invite to be tasted again and again, that do not saturate, so that this magical moment of sensation lasts as long as possible.

Manifesto for Earthling wines

We are facing a strong concentration by the wine business operators. Some are looking for the simplification, the standardization for an universal taste, in order to make profit at the consumer expense.

Agrovinobusiness ?
The degree zero of food

The dictatorship of taste, normalization and globalization is underway. What is really the point ? A mass consumption in front of a single consumer ? That we all eat the same burger, that we all have the same Swedish furniture ? All this to make us believe that we are unique, whereas the only latitude that is left to us is the possibility of pizza toppings or the color of our cupboard doors. Agrovinobusiness is also surfing on greenwashing. Everyone is green. The fake labels that smell like the countryside, the sector products, even the industrial groups make Organic goods. Everything look the same. We are being imposed a whole serie of standards to ease the reading of what is supposed to be good for us.

Earthling wines for other earthlings

But we live on the the planet, and we live on it well-grounded on our two feet. Our strength, our anchorage, our free-will allow us to resist the ambient pressure and the massification. Our Earth worth much better than this and we, Earthlings, know its taste; we who smell the scent of the garrigue, the heat of the soil at the end of the summer when the harvest time is coming. We, Earthlings, know our soil, its power, its sweetness when it comes to life. Wines for other Earthlings. It’s as simple as that. We, Earthlings who produce and you, Earthlings who taste, are in tune. Sat down with our children, our parents, in the warmth of a family meal, or in the shards of reunion with our friends, we know what the quest for taste is, and the happiness of sharing it.

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