Confidences Saint-Joseph Syrah

AOP Saint-Joseph

Details of the wine



The locality named Côte-Diane is located in the parish of Saint-Étienne-de-Valoux. Its name evokes Diana-the-Huntress as the spot was, in time past, abounding with game. The vines are established on granite amphitheaters facing the East thus benefiting of the sunshine of the dawn with fresher evenings. The place is well aired, thus always ensuring very sound and ripe crops. The yield never reaches the allowed 40 hectoliters per hectare allowed quantity due to a very shallow and granite soil.


Grapes varieties




The winemaker directs the vinification following procedures taking into account the conditions of the vintage and a very demanding quality charter. The winery is fitted with top-of-the-art equipment and his approach combines the respect of the traditional methods and the resort to all the means of the modern enology. After maturity checks, the harvest is effected by hand and the grapes are delivered to the winery in boxes, uncrushed and in perfect sanitary state. The maceration lasts as much as requested – 3 to 4 weeks -. All the methods are used to achieve an optimal extraction of color and aromas. After the completion of the malolactic fermentation, the wine is kept in large vats until March and then transferred into 2nd and 3rd wine oak barrels bought in Burgundy. It undergoes an ‘élevage’ (maturing) in wood for 18 months and is then bottled without undergoing any fining and with a very light filtration. It is generally released to the market after 4 months of bottle aging.


Tasting notes

Appearance: – Dark ruby robe with deep purple hues. Bouquet: – Expressive and complex nose, with rich scents of black cherry jam, lackcurrant and blackberry and a light roasted touch. Palate: – Concentrated mouth with lots of fruit on the attack, a lot of fat, mellow tannins. A general impression of well combined finesse, elegance and complexity.


Ageing Potential

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